Green Lab Craft Brewery



I’ll be posting here on a weekly basis a little bit of our work routine, experiences and tips. You will see there is no glamour as some imagine. There is very hard work and seriousness, but without losing the good humor and joy, afterall we do what we chose and what we love.

We’re less than a week to the Mondial de la Bière, a super beer festival. There we will officially present Green Lab, our brewery, and launch our firstborn, the HIP HOPS BEER. Anxiety is great and we still have 1000 things to prepare. Our space is getting pretty cool and I think you will enjoy. We’re separating a tap to make an infusion of Hip Hops with the Citra hops, making it even more aromatic. We’ve done the experiment before and the result was awsome!

We are preparing other surprises for the event and I hope you enjoy it. Before I get carried away and tell what lies ahead, I’m ending here …

Big hug and see you at the Mondial!

Carlos Emilio